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A lock might be the only thing that stands between you and burglars. The first instinct, once you hear someone outside, is to know if your door and windows are securely locked to prevent the person from coming in. With such mentality, it means that we have to make sure our homes are installed with powerful locks to keep burglars out. With that said, there are several companies out there manufacturing locks? Knowing these locks and knowing the ones that are changing the ways we lock our homes is the first step to securing our homes. Here are six companies that are changing the way locks work.


Goji is a lock plan to replace the deadbolt locks. The Goji lock is an elegant device with a visual led display. With the Wi-Fi connection, the lock can unlock and lock. You can grant access to your visitors from the dashboard. The lock also has an inbuilt camera that sends photos to owners for them to see who is at the door.


Awhile back, August locks receive more attention because of the smart technology used. August locks are placed on top of old house locks and connect users who have permission to access hoes. The lock communicates with authorized visitors through Bluetooth and unlocks the doors they approach.

Lockitron bolt

Launched in 2011, the Lockitron bolt connects through Bluetooth. This lock can replace the deadbolt, or you can purchase the earlier version that can be clipped over the old lock. Lockitron records interactions with the lock and unlocks when someone it knows approaches knocks on the door.


The sesame locks are known for their ability to bestow access to only nominated visitors and keeping records of the people who visit your home. The installation is in seconds by clipping it ore the already existing lock.

Kwitset Kevo

Created by UniKey, and established by lock maker Weiser and Kwitset Kevo, the lock connects and recognizes only those using the smartphone. Authorized visitors can touch the lock to unlock and open the door. For those without a phone, they can use fobs.

Schalge sense

The schalge sense smart lock is popular for its compatibility with apple home kit. With the lock, homeowners can use Siri to unlock the lock. Alternatively, those without apple home kit can use a code to unlock the lock and gain access. Owners can create and delete codes whenever they want.

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