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So what are automotive transponder keys? Not much is known about transponder keys since they are still a very new technology. But it’s something you should know about as most of the major automobile companies make them available with their latest models.

key fob replacementTransponder keys are slowly but surely replacing regular or traditional car keys. Let’s under what makes them different from the traditional car keys and why they are such a great innovation.
How do Transponder Keys Work?

Automotive transponder keys are ignition keys that are embedded with an RF transmitter. The RF transmitter sends wireless signals to a receiver, or a device located close to the ignition switch. The receiver is programmed to detect the signals sent by the transponder key only when it is out into the ignition switch.

Unless the signals are not detected by the receiver the car does not start. Even if the key is copied, the car won’t start unless it receives the same low level signal from the transponder key. That’s what makes transponder keys so safe. It makes the car completely theft-free.

Difference between an Automotive Transponder Key and a Traditional Car Key

The big difference between transponder keys and traditional keys is that the former comes with an embedded chip, which makes them far more expensive. It is easy to differentiate a transponder key from a traditional car key – the plastic part in these keys is a lot thicker. If you are not sure if you have a transponder key or a regular key, cover the plastic part with cloth and try starting the car – it won’t start.

What If the Transponder Key Gets Damaged?

The transponder key can get damaged for a number of reasons – the chip may stop working (it could be broken), the receiver may not function as well as it should, the code that connects the key to the car may have errors in it and so on. There are two options before you when this happens.

1. Call the car dealer
2. Call an automotive locksmith

The problem with calling a car dealer is that the dealer won’t send anyone to your location. You will need to hire a towing service to have the car delivered to them. They also charge a lot to reprogram or replace the transponder key.

Calling a reputable automotive locksmith is a far better option, as the locksmith arrives at your location within an hour after you call and reprograms the transponder key or cuts a new one. Locksmiths charge much less than your dealer for the same work.

Call Us!

At Dallas FW Locksmith, we offer the most reputable automotive locksmith services in Austin, TX. Call us at (214)997-4611 if your automotive transponder key is damaged or not working for some reason. We use advanced techniques and equipment to cut a new transponder key for you and make sure that the car gets started.

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