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Being a good locksmith is about the skills you have and this is determined by how well trained you are and the experience you have. For the professionals, here are the picks for the best non-destructive locksmith tools you can’t work without:

1. Electric Pick Gun

Any professional locksmith must have an electric pick gun to make their work incredibly easy. This tool works in such a way that you might think it eats locks for survival. The best thing about it is it is easy to use and anyone can use it and it also has a massive success rate. It is essential to being a pro locksmith and its technique is easy to learn. It is best used for cylinder locks but also works with other different types of locks. The electric pick gun comes in different make like HPC, Wendt, Dino, Klom etc.


It is one of the most famous locks picking tools. The professional locksmiths have opened more locks with MICA than any other tool. It is one tool than a pro locksmith can’t be without. It is the trick you have seen in the movies where a lock is picked within seconds but this can only be done with the right material and know-how. If you ask 10 locksmiths what their most favorite tool is, 9 of them will pick the MICA.


A set of rakes have never been carried in vain and every locksmith knows this. The only thing you need to do is do a lot of experiments with your rakes until you perfect the art of lock picking with them. There are different rakes on the market but how you use them depends on how much experience you have with them as a professional locksmith. It is rare to find a pro without a set of rakes.

4. Cylinder Jigglers

This is a 13pc set of skeleton keys and it is a must-have for a locksmith. They are easy to use and the technique is as easy to learn. It’s just like wiggling a key around inside the lock. It is a quick and effective way of picking a lock and if you master the technique, it will save you time and that is money time and again.

5. Bumping kit

One of the quickest and fewer hassles lock picking techniques is lock bumping. This is possible with some universal bump keys, some dampeners, and a bump hammer. Without this, your locksmith toolkit is not complete.

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