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DALLAS, Texas March 10th, 2016 – This week the locksmith company “Dallas FW Locksmith” has begun offering free security audits for all residential and commercial properties in and around the Dallas Fort Worth communities.

Burglar entering homeAs a response to the recent spike in break-ins Dallas FW Locksmith hopes to curb the burglaries in the area by offering these free services. Their free security audits will go through the property to determine where weaknesses are in the property. Their experts cover all bases; from the roof, windows, doors and other potential weaknesses in the property.

Along with the free security audits that they offer they will also provide a solid security plan to advise residents and property owners of the things that need to be done in order to fully secure the property. These security audits will detail improvements that can be done to the windows with window locks or replacement of the windows entirely. Many times the installation of access control systems is advised along with the installation of higher grade locks.

“We see it here everyday at Dallas FW Locksmith, customers calling us to hire our locksmith services because their home or business was burglarized. They always ask us what they should have done differently. And the answer is always the same. They should have called us to perform a free security audit as a preventative measure ahead of time!” says Daryl Uberoi manager of Dallas FW Locksmith.

Daryl Uberoi stated that their security audits will be performed by highly trained and experienced locksmiths. With knowledge in the latest home and commercial security their locksmiths will be able to help spare home and businesses from financial loss and threats.

“The times we live in require the most advanced type of security for our homes and commercial spaces. No one can be spared from burglaries and thefts, but the risk can be minimized. By offering free security audits our customers will know exactly what the weakness are in their property and they will receive professional advice and solutions for improving them.” says Daryl Uberoi

Dallas FW Locksmith has been around for ten years providing useful services to the people of the Dallas FW communities. Their expertise has been used by banks, homes, stores, malls, supermarkets, and many other commercial spaces. If you would like to know more or if you would like to receive a free security audit contact them today from their website.

Dallas FW Locksmith
6406 Juliet Place Dallas, TX 75252
Phone: (214) 997-4611

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