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Being a Dallas Fort Worth locksmith is a interesting job profession. The Dallas Fort Worth locksmith has to be well educated in three main avenues…

This includes residential markets, commercial markets and automotive markets.

Have you ever spoken to a Dallas Fort Worth locksmith before? The Dallas Fort Worth locksmith is a fascinating character. They are intelligent, kind and have to be outgoing to do their job. But of course most importantly they have to have a local city Locksmith Service Dallas Fort Worth locksmith service backed by years of experience, so that they can meet demands of the unique Marketplace in Dallas Fort Worth.

Today we have interviewed the popular Dallas Fort Worth locksmith company “Dallas FW Locksmith. And this interview we spoke to daryl Uberoi who is a locksmith technician. He has 15 plus years experience working as a locksmith in Dallas Fort Worth. His experience has brought the company that he works for to the top of the profession. Is because of his smart and dedication that the business is a multi community favorite!

So what got you into the locksmith profession?

“Well I always saw my dad working so hard in the coal mine and I didn’t want to end up that way. So as a young boy I struggled to find a career that didn’t require me to go to college for a long time. What did my family ever went to college and I did not have the confidence that I could either because I might not be so smart. But of course later I found out that this is not true because I have been very successful and proven my intellect to my wife my children and the schools that they now all attend”.

How did you get your start as a locksmith?

“I went to the first six years of school and then decided school was not for me. And because my family needed the money to pay bills and they needed me to get to work as soon as I could take the bus and get out of my own and make money for the family. They just told me to go to work and stop going to school and so I decided to start washing windows on cars at intersections when they waited for the stop light to turn green. This was a fun job and it was actually rewarding and I made more money washing windows at intersections on cars with a squirt bottle and squeegee then somebody that would make at McDonald’s or other big fast food company minimum wage. It was good and I was my own boss and a business owner.. what am I about me because when it came to the weekends I was the one wearing new tennis shoes and taking the girls out to the finest restaurants in town and watching the new movies too”.

At what age exactly did you start making money working as a Dallas Fort Worth locksmith?

“The first money that I ever made as a professional Dallas Fort Worth locksmith I was only 11 years old. I found an old lady who was locked outside of her car and I knew that I could open the door with my locksmith skills. I told the lady that I could get the door open and she did not have to pay me but I was super hungry and if she had some groceries for me to eat that I would be super happy. But either way the door was getting open and the lady needed to get home – so that’s why I was there to help her. In just 5 minutes I had that old Cadillac door open. I ended up using a chunk of coat hanger that I saved to pick locks at home. The coat hanger actually was the perfect length and size to twist the Tumblers inside of that old Cadillac door. It was so easy to do I cannot even believe it now. I can work on Cadillacs for sure! Myself at that young age of 11 years old. I was only 11 years old!”

Who were your mentors in the beginning?

“When I was a boy I met the local Dallas Fort Worth locksmith in town and he taught me how to pick locks. I learned a lot about being patient and I also learned that it’s all about the tools that you have to pick the lock but today is even better and easier because all you have to do is go on YouTube and watch videos for the particular car or lock that you need to have pics. I am actually kind of jealous of the kids nowadays start locksmith businesses with knowledge that they have a team easier without the many years of trials and tribulations that I had to go through as a local Dallas Fort Worth locksmith. Hard years I worked through them and actually I made a lot of money. I made so much money that I bought a boat a house ,a Corvette, Jeep and a bunch of stocks that later I will retire on”.

Where do you plan on taking the locksmith business next?

“So far Dallas FW Locksmith is really doing well in the state of Texas. We have grown to include five locksmith vans that have technicians who are at the top of their game these technicians know their stuff and also they are younger and people love the younger image of these guys. It’s nice to be in a business where everyone is so happy to be working for our Dallas Fort Worth locksmith business. From here we are planning on going National and becoming the main name that you think of when you think of locksmith services.

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