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Hiring Locksmiths DallasEvery profession comes with unique challenges and interesting stories, especially the job of a Dallas Fort Worth emergency locksmith. From late night vehicle lockouts, residential burglary calls in need of lock replacement, to commercial locksmith services and repair, the Dallas Fort Worth locksmith definitely has his hands full 24 hours a day.

Story #1 – The man locked on his rooftop at midnight.

Just last year we had an emergency locksmith call from a customer here at Dallas FW Locksmith who had locked himself out on his rooftop patio area. We received the call from him just as the big storm that flooded Dallas last Summer was rolling in. Over the phone we could hear the distress in the man’s voice as he was just starting to get pummeled with hail. Fortunately for the man on the phone we had a Dallas Fort Worth locksmith technician who was working right down the street on a commercial locks installation job who was able to come to the mans rescue. We made it on job to the rooftop in under just 15 minutes. Needless to say the man locked on his rooftop was happy to be freed and resting comfortably in his warm shower.

Story #2 – The divorce lockout, not your everyday emergency locksmith.

Unfortunately we get calls from men and women who are going through a divorce. One story sticks out in my mind more than the others. One early Monday morning we received a phone call from a woman requesting residential locksmith services in Dallas for her 10,000 square foot home located in a very posh gated community. This home had over 25 external doors entering the home! Over the span of several hours one of our emergency locksmiths replaced every lock in the home for the woman. The next day we received another call from her husband to again replace all of the locks that we had just replaced the day before. In this situation we had to politely decline the work and suggest that the man to choose another emergency Dallas Fort Worth locksmith company to help him, as to stay out of couples personal chaos.

Story #3 – Too drunk to drive and in luck.

Time and again we receive calls from people who have lost their car keys after a night of drinking. In these cases our emergency locksmiths get on scene to find that the person had been drinking in the local bar. If our emergency locksmiths in Dallas suspect that the person who called is too drunk to drive they are trained to offer the person a ride home, instead of unlocking the car for them. Many times we have driven the person home and have returned the next day to unlock the persons car, free of charge. Watching out for our fellow man is what we do here at Dallas FW Locksmith!

Dallas FW ReKeyThe Dallas Fort Worth locksmith truly a unique profession.

For the emergency locksmith in Dallas everyday posses a new set of challenges. During the first part of the day the locksmith will be helping a person with locked keys in the car at the grocery store, and the next emergency locksmith in Dallas will be late at night at the offices of a business in Dallas installing new locks. With such a diverse range of circumstances the Dallas Fort Worth locksmith is truly a unique profession.

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