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locksmith-dallas-1All throughout ancient history, locks have always played a role to secure holy artifacts, tombs, and buildings. From the ancient people of Israel, the forgotten lands of Russia, to the early African tribes of documented world history, in some form or another there has always existed locking mechanisms and the need for skilled locksmiths.

With the fine intricacies of watch making and the mysteries of the stage magician, the locksmith’s job has always been shrouded in myth and legend.

One thing remains the same – locking devices come in endless variations for every use that you imagine, and for all the different locking mechanisms, there is a locksmith with the skills to repair and open various different kinds of locks.

To some people, needing the services of a locksmith is only necessary in emergencies, but in all emergency locksmith situations, a locksmith is always to the rescue. Like a sleepless hero, the emergency locksmith is always there, waiting to come to your rescue. Rain, sleet, or snow, the locksmith of today needs to be available for all emergency locksmith situations in order to accommodate the busy city of Dallas, Texas.

Locksmith Story: Dallas Flood – Saved in the Nick of Time.

It was a beautiful summer morning – the sun was shining on what appeared to be just another hot summer’s day, but today was to be unlike any other summer day….

At 11 am, the news began reporting about a severe storm warning and flood watch. On days like these, our Dallas locksmith company is relatively slow, but then the phone rang. On the other end of the phone, a woman was in hysterics. The flood waters around her home were rising and she had lost the keys to her 2005 Volvo station wagon to evacuate her children and family dog.

When I arrived in my locksmith van, the water around her home was nearly a foot deep and was rising fast. I knew that we would be in dire straits if I didn’t act fast to unlock the station wagon, so I got to work right away.

Unlocking the car’s driver side door took about 5 minutes, but then there was the ignition. I had to make a key for the ignition in order to get the car to start. Right off of the bat, I knew that this wasn’t going to be any easy task, especially under the circumstances and the relenting rain.

Halfway through making the new ignition key, I began to notice that the flood waters had started to lap the sides of the cars doors, so I worked even faster. It is amazing how my training and experience allowed me to focus under times of pressure.

Car-Key-Replacement-dallasIn just another 5 minutes or so, I had the new ignition key made and the Volvo started. The woman and her 3 young children and I drove to higher ground where we watched from a distance the house becoming engulfed by the rising flood waters. At this point in time, it was just too dangerous to drive, so we waited in the rain on the hill above her neighborhood for another 3 hours as her whole community was inundated by the flood waters. What a sight, but also such a wonderful feeling to have rescued this young lady and her 3 children…and of course, the family dog.

It is days like this that make being a Dallas-Fort Worth locksmith all worth it. If it were not for my fast thinking, locksmith skills, and ability to work under such pressure, the woman’s Volvo may not have survived unscathed, or worse, the family may have not survived. Many people say that my acts of that day were heroic but for me, it was just another day. I think that any other Dallas locksmith would have done the same thing if they could have.

For more fun locksmith stories from our Dallas Fort Worth locksmith company in Texas, be sure to stop by our locksmith blog. See you there!

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