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All throughout documented history there have been tales of locks to secure ancient graves, coveted books and buildings. From ancient Egypt, mid-evil times, to the modern locks of today, locks have endless uses in our daily lives. This video guide covers several of the most common locking mechanisms.

Combination Locks:
Combination locks can be found in a multitude of applications. This includes highschool locker combination locks, bicycle locks, and even the most secure type of combination locks that secure bank vaults.

Mortise Locks:
Mortise locks offer compact design, high security and ornate features not typically found in the residential locks of North America. Mortise locks are placed into the door by cutting a pocket in which it is installed.

Electronic Locks:
With advances in modern technologies, electronic locks are beginning to become popular for their functionality and high security. Electronic locks often connect to access systems and can be operated remotely allowing for endless applications.

Whether it is a locked gate, a bicycle, or security boxes, the padlock is a common item found in modern society. With hundreds of different brands and endless possibilities, the padlock is probably the most universal of all locking mechanisms.

Deadbolt Locks:
Deadbolt locks are commonplace within homes across the globe. A favorite for their longevity and high security, deadbolt locks are the lock of choice for securing doors.

All of the locks discussed in this video have unique purposes for their specific applications. When choosing to purchase a lock always consider upgrading to the highest quality lock possible because there is a big difference in materials used and the craftsmanship of the lock. A high security quality lock will give you the peace of mind knowing that you are secured.

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