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video surveillance camera on a wall of the building

There are so many types of security cameras in the market right now and it is a little difficult to pick out a single type as the best because all of them have their pros and cons. Besides, suitability is also a factor here. The advantages of a certain type of security camera may not be useful for you.

Without further ado, here are some of the most important tips you need to apply when choosing a security camera….

Involve a professional

If you are not into cameras, you may need the guide of an expert that will assess your location as well as your budget. He will give you a professional advice on the best choice for you. Although most of the stores that sell these cameras also have professionals that can guide you, you are better off with the advice from a neutral party. Many professionals offer free security audits to assist you in choosing the best camera options

Do you need an obvious camera?

Depending on the reason for installing a CCTV camera, do you want an obvious camera that will remind people that they are being watched or you want a secret camera? Both of them have their advantages.

The obvious camera reduces the chances of theft as it scares people away but its major drawback is that criminals can block its view while perpetrating their evil intentions. On the other hand, secret cameras may not deter thieves but it will record everything that means, you may need to hire someone who will be watching the footages for real-time detection of crime. Box cameras are the most effective and most obvious cameras while Dome cameras are great secret cameras because of their minute sizes.

Do you want to use the cameras indoors or outside

In reality, most cameras are good for both indoor and outdoor use but the way they are installed may be different. An outdoor camera may have to be housed in such a way that it will be protected from harsh weather conditions. If you want to install it in a commercial kitchen, you may need to protect it from smoke and grease. So, the intended location matters.

Consider the coverage area

If you just need to cover only a small area, you just need one or two cameras. The real challenge lies in covering a wider area. You need cameras that offer a wide range of views whose images can be zoomed in or out. For instance, Canon cameras have up to 112 degrees view. With canon, you will be able to cover wider areas with fewer cameras.

You may also need to install smaller cameras but link them up in a network. You only need to consider the option that is most suitable for your location and the one that costs less.

The image clarity

Some cameras produce clearer images than others. So, it is important to consider the clarity of your images. Of what use is a CCTV camera when you can’t recognize the people in its footage? So, the image clarity is important. At the same time, clearer images come with higher costs.

Although there are other factors to consider, the ones outlined above are the most important ones. You will definitely end up with very great cameras if you apply the tips properly.

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